What Makes a Garden Great? Winter Interest!

It is easy to enjoy a landscape in the warmer months of the year. Beautiful flowers greet us in the spring, taking us throughout the summer with infinite colors and smells to delight each of our senses. In the fall, the subtle drifts of fresh air campfires carry us through the brisk season. We are treated to a kaleidoscope changing leaves colored in brilliant shades of red, yellow and oranges.

When winter arrives, what happens? Where are all of the beautiful features that nature has to offer? Many people are unaware of the various plants that don’t peak until the colder months.

In order to carry the best of what nature has to offer onto your own landscape every season, plan a garden that will look beautiful and offer surprises every season. Keep in mind how some plants will look without their leaves. Consider the color of the bark, the shape of branches and if they produce berries or flowers during the winter. Be sure to take advantage of all that is available throughout every season, and you will begin to see things a little brighter in our darkest season.

Winterberry holly, witch Hazel, and paperbark maples are just a few examples of landscape plants that can enhance our properties throughout every season of the year.

Check out some other plants that look most exceptional in the winter months:
Interesting Bark patterns:
● Red twig dogwood
● Paperbark Maple
● Kousa Dogwood
● Crape Myrtle Winter flowers
● Winter camellia
● Witch Hazel
● Hellebore Berries
● Winterberry
● Beautyberry
● Nandina
● Mahonia
And many more!