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Archive for June 2014

Tips for a Proper Irrigation Regimen

With the arrival of summer, we have moved out of our rather wet spring and into the typical cycle of long hot days in New Jersey. This is the time of year when attention needs to be paid to turf grass as it has already begun to show signs of inadequate watering. By employing proper…

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Turf Maintenance: Invasion of Poa Annua

Are you a grass lover?  Do you enjoy the rich dark green look of your property’s turf?  If you are like us, then the answer is an emphatic “yes!”  While there are many unwanted invaders that seek to disturb the perfection of a well-maintained lawn, few are as frustrating as Poa to remedy. Poa Annua,…

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Attack of the Killer Frost – Hydrangea Blooms in Jeopardy

In the first of our new blog posts, we will be addressing the effects of this past winter on perennial plantings in our area. Many of our clients have seen unusual “die-back” of some of their favorite plants and, in some cases, death of long-established specimens.  Among the many varieties that have suffered, Hydrangea tend…

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